Curator's statement:

Born a fraternal twin (I have a lovely sister), I've naturally always been fascinated by the phenomena—and definition—of 'duplication'; a person born in my circumstances is, in fact, medically referred to as a 'multiple'.

'Zygosity' is the term used to indicate the degree of identicalness in the genome of twins. In fraternal twins (versus, say, cloned embryos), statistics indicate an extremely small chance of the children having the same chromosome profile. In other words, even given the double pregnancy (the production of multiples), variance is the norm.

In our exhibition, Fraternal Twins, we present clocks, tables, chairs, benches, lamps, and vases produced by various designers and artists in their Studios as 'multiples'—or twins—born 'fraternal'. Although genetic similarities are apparent, and indeed quite obvious in the serial production of these objects, due to the processes involved and the materials and finishes used there are wide swings in zygosity.

Exact replication, or cloning—long considered the 'Gold Standard' for the serial production of fine objects of 'quality'—is here put aside.

In this exhibition, we celebrate the possibilities of fraternity: brotherhood, but with individuality.

—Murray Moss

Keel Twins 2011

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Bottom right photo: showing the assembly of the leg.